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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shopping Trip

I'll never make a good photojournalist.
I went shopping after school today at a major mall in the area. As I approached the shop I was looking for, I saw the RCMP (Mounties, to the rest of the world) taping off the escalator, and crowds of people standing looking down at the level below. I squeezed in to take a peek and saw paramedics treating a young man lying on the ground, with blood everywhere. After another look, I realized that there were two injured men, both bloody.
I know that my first instinct is usually to grab my camera, and I did think of it, but I couldn't. It seemed unfeeling and crass to snap away at such a moment. So instead, I found someone else's blog with a photo (samchan.posterous.com). I don't think he had the view that I did - this one was taken from the ground floor - but at least it wasn't so horrific.
I found out that it was a knife fight between the two young men. I hope they remember in the future just how cool it is to carry a knife.
I left the mall as soon as I could (I got my coat!). It did not feel like a good place to be.

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Southern Ange said...

Oh yucky!!! Glad you were OK. And even gladder that you finally got that coat!!! Picture?

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