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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ten Thousand Year Old Ice!

We took a drive out to see my dear brother and his family tonight. I'm so glad to have them back in town, even though it still takes 45 minutes to get to their house!
On the way, I picked up a bottle of wine at this sweet wine shop - I wish we had such a nice one in our area!
Tim took a chunk of ice out of his freezer; he brought it home last summer from a glacier high in the Kootenay Mountains, and has been saving it for something special. Tonight was apparently special enough!He and Big Bear put it in their 21 year old scotch. Do you think it looks different? Tastier? Better? Tim insists that the ice is ten thousand years old. Oooohh! Aaaahh!
We had fun together. All the boys played PS3, as boys do, Christina ran around and around the house with the dog chasing her, Tim and Lea and I enjoyed each other's company, and Big Bear retired to the couch in pain. I didn't take a photo of him, as it didn't look very fun.

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Southern Ange said...

Poor Big Bear! Nice pics.

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