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Friday, November 28, 2008

It's in the Air!

Christmas is coming - I recognize the signs!
First, Big Bear has started playing piano at home, preparing for the church Christmas choir. It's always lots of work for him, but I enjoy hearing him practice. The same phrases over and over again. Looking forward to when he has all the songs perfected and I can hear them in their entirety! Second, tomorrow is Christmas Activities Day at school. We have all the elementary students signed up for a couple of different crafts and a whole whack of parents coming in to help. It's when I pull out all my tacky Christmas jewelry and jingle all day!
Third, it's report card time! This is the time when everyone else starts asking if I've done my Christmas shopping yet, and all I can think of is getting those report cards finished. Shopping??? It will have to wait till Dec. 19 when school lets out!
Speaking of shopping, I know a few people who will be doing some hard-core shopping tomorrow. For all you Down Underites, today was American Thanksgiving. This means that tomorrow signals the beginning of the Christmas season there, and is the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. People there line up for crazy sales and stores open early - I mean 4 or 5 a.m. I think I prefer Thanksgiving in October, the way we do it here in Canada. Not connected with consumerism frenzy! Little Bear crossed the border yesterday with a group of student friends to stay with someone in Seattle. I'm assuming that he ate turkey today, although I have no idea whose poor mother he's sponging off of!

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Southern Ange said...

So nice to hear that Big Bear is tinkling the ivories! Don't suppose you could attach a sound clip, could you?

As for Christmas shopping...I hadn't even started thinking about it till your posting! How frightening.

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