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Thursday, November 13, 2008

And yet another notable day

Well, it’s the end of an era. Truly it is! And what a ride it has been.

Today, K’s formal research project was accepted
by The Powers That Be…….and is also soon to be published.
He has now officially gained the right to pay lots of money
to The Controlling Bodies for the rest of his working life,
and also earned the right
to put A Whole Lot More Letters after his name.

We will celebrate appropriately in due course when the Bits of Paper arrive. Till then, the champagne’s cooling.

We will then celebrate again mid-2009 when he gets a free trip overseas to be officially Bopped On The Head.

But now that the fun’s over, it’s nearly time to
do all those other important jobs…..
Like building that tree house.
And oh, did I mention those Matrimonial Credits?!


Anonymous said...

Well congratulations MUST go to the very clever and diligent man who was once a little boy living in a little street not far from a little community where little, and not so little, criminals lurk. Thankfully, by the grace of God, he escaped and is living a very fulfilled life serving a much wider community. We are THRILLED to hear your wonderful news and wish you and your family all the best. Love and blessings to you from the Beavens. XXXXXxxxx
P.S. And do please tell us your full complement of letters and what they all mean...

Kezwick said...

Well done and congratulations K from us Allons. We are so thrilled for you all, what a journey hey. Enjoy the celebrations!! xx

Anonymous said...

wow thats such great news!

congratulations to k (but also all of the family and especially a!)

we know how things things really turn into a 'family effort'!!!

much love cathie, duncan rhys and kate

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, K. It has been such a long road ... for all of you. But you made it and we're all so happy for you.

Where do you get to go to be bopped on the head?

The Adams family

Anonymous said...

Wow! CONGRATS to da Man! and of course to his faithful family for finally coming to the end of what must've seemed,on occassions, like an endless road.
Watch out World 'cause Dr Kev's in town!
Love to you all
Dee & Chris McF xx xx

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