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Monday, November 3, 2008

Well, the final piece of autumn has 'fallen' into place. Daylight savings time is over and we changed our clocks last night.

Of the two yearly changes, this is sort of my favourite one because we get an extra hour of sleep. That was especially helpful after the big party last night! On the other hand, the implications are not so nice. Now it will be dark an hour earlier every day, just adding to the general gloominess (ooh, I think I'm sounding like Eeyore!). At least the mornings will be a little bit lighter for the drive to school!

I love my fleur de lys clock, but I seem to have forgotten to change it. Although it said 6:48, it was really just 5:48. And dark outside.

1 comment:

Southern Ange said...

Nice that you're only 3 hours ahead now instead of 5...minus that day! The Party looked like fun!

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