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Monday, November 10, 2008


We have survived our horrendously busy weekend. The boys got through 3 concerts, a competition, 2 lessons, an exam, and some other social engagements, in just over 3 days. Tomorrow is Senior Athletics. And also my last day to hand in all semester work. It might be an all-nighter...

We were finishing dinner tonight (at 7pm’ish our time)….when we realised, that this was the time, almost to the exact hour (10 pm’ish) exactly a year ago when our contingent arrived on your doorstep to stay for awhile! It was so exciting!!! And almost unbelievable that such an occasion would even eventuate.

Little Bear had kindly vacated his room so that E&L could sleep in his room. Such a nice Bear!

And I have distinct memories of nice red wine and cheese – a delicious gouda with cumin? Of course, all laced with wonderful company!

I think I’d much rather reminisce than have to do more reading and journaling….

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