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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Something's fishy

Grandma went to a swept up seminar on web based marketing today (with a friend). She's a pretty 'with it' grandma! We were impressed. But now, after some interrogation, we are suspicious she went only because they provided a sumptuous lunch at a posh hotel, as part of the invitation...
Grandpa went to visit his old workmates today, whilst Grandma was gallivanting with her friend. He had a great time too. The boat had just come in.....his mates generously saved the best for him. Fresh snapper and green-lipped mussels. At about $37/kg for a snapper, Grandpa was thrilled to be given some huge snappers, each probably weighing in at several kgs.
K came home after a busy morning with the boys. He spotted the snapper and started salivating. I realised my boys were city boys when they took great fascination in learning about the internal organs of a fish, from the budding surgeon. I think they had assumed their fish meals arrive as fillets....without eyes! I noticed that they didn't eat as much as they usually do...!
But it was a great meal! K cooked up a treat - we made short work of his "Chilli Garlic Fish Baked With Fresh Coriander And Basil". DELISH!

I'm not sure if your posting from today, or my photos take the prize for being the most macabre!!!

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