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Friday, November 7, 2008

Pigs might fly

The conversation from my son (whose body was mostly obscured and perched halfway up a tall tree) went like this:

Voice from Tree: Mum, do chickens fly?
Mum: Um…I don’t think so. Well, not far anyway.
Voice from Tree: Hmmm….it looks like a chicken….
Mum: What are you talking about?
VFT: There’s a chicken up here….up the top of the tree!
Mum: Are you sure?! I didn’t think chickens could fly that far up…..
VFT: Well, it sure looks like a chicken….
Mum: Are you sure it’s not just a big bird?…..
...Oh!.... It is a chicken!
Now how did it get UP THERE???!
VFT: Um.... That’s what I was asking!

On NZ’s election day, the country waits....glued to TV sets. I wonder which Party chickens will fly and which will become roast…..the mood is certainly set for a major change here, much like the historic change that happened on the other side of the globe……but with much less hoopla and only just a little bit of flapping. Will we be blue or red? And with green or yellow overtones?

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