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Monday, November 17, 2008

Strawberry season

And I love strawberry season!
It's hard to believe, but these are as good as they look....possibly even better tasting than they look....al naturelle or with a touch of icing sugar and some hokey pokey ice cream....Mmmmmmm!
I thought this momma of a strawberry should be documented in the annals of our blog!
Oh, and I heard last night that I've passed ! Hurray! The sweet taste of no more papers till March.....YUMMEEEEEE !

1 comment:

blonDee said...

My Goodness, that's a LARGE strawberry.!! They grow dem big up there in Auckland.
Yep you got it that blonDee blogger thats been sitting onthe right of your blog page for quite awhile has finally remembered her password, so she can use it,is ME!!!! What is my memory goin to be like when I'm 50!! Groan

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