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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Frenetic Friday

It was a crazy day at school. Just like most days!

Here's what stands out in my memory:

Got to school in time to set up a couple of work areas for parents leading Christmas activities

Just as the bell rang, got stuck in the office (where was that secretary??) with about 6 parents all asking questions. Worried in the back of my mind about just what my students would be doing

Answered the phone (still no secretary) to find out that one of my students, Little N, may have leukemia and would not be at school. Mum was trying not to cry on the phone as she told me. How do I go through the day with this on my mind??

Cruised around the school putting out fires - the biggest one was that most of the kindies ended up in the wrong rooms! As I attempted to figure out where a couple of them were supposed to be, they drifted away and reappeared in another wrong location!

21 different activities and 40 parent helpers to check on throughout the morning

Pouring rain, so all the children had to stay inside at recess and lunch

Back to the regular routine for the afternoon - what a relief!

Long drive home on the crowded, rainy, dark freeway.

Now the real job begins: time to write report cards. Should be a rockin' weekend!

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