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Sunday, April 27, 2008


There is nothing quite like a knock on the front door, to make one catapult outta bed....particularly if one's husband has drawn the bedroom curtains wide open, and if one's bedroom is right next to the front door (and one is still lounging about in one's night attire)! However, there is also nothing quite as wonderful as receiving a beautiful surprise parcel from an unexpected source...and that was my lovely start to the day yesterday! Such a buzz to be pampered in such a way!!! I'm still recovering.

The boys (all 3 of them) were thrilled too. Not necessarily because I was being spoilt rotten, but more because something (anything!) had coerced their sleepy mother outta bed so that we could all go for our early morning walk around the neighbourhood! Anyway, I thought I'd share some early morning photos from around these parts with you....

These terrace houses typify the central city housing here - closely spaced, newly renovated, but based on the original design. There is a bylaw which only allows you to renovate an original building in this area if you actually keep the original facade. It has certainly helped to retain the character of this area.

Many of the residences in this area have pavement frontage, as befits the era they were established. And hence the grilles over the windows. I think I would have to relocate the main bedroom to the back if we ever had to live in a place with such intrusive public frontage...or quickly develop some exhibitionistic tendencies!

We enjoy going walking whilst the morning is still quiet and peaceful and the morning's business bustle has not yet begun. This was the frontage of the Organic Butcher's - roller doors painted with "shop stock" and using traditional Maori colours and patterns. Very cool. It is quite a different scene once the roller doors are up and the shop is ready for business!

I'll continue with more photos from our walkabouts another time.

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