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Monday, April 21, 2008

Music all day...

Trying to cram in those last minutes of practice...
It would seem we are pooped at both ends of the world!
Ours, 'twas not from battling crowds of 59,000...nor from enduring 10kms of physical torture...
However, it was an early start here too. 6am, we began our day. Fortunately, it was a stunningly beautiful day here.....it helps when the sun is up with you! We eventually got home at 6pm'ish this evening. And in between, we heard and watched and waited, and held our breath, whilst a whole bunch of extremely talented kids performed some pretty major works of music on the piano. The standard was FRIGHTENINGLY high. Even the Adjudicator (who is based in London) commented that he had never encountered such an unbelievably high standard in London, nor as he has travelled throughout the country doing his adjudicatory thing. The scariest thing, was that all the classes today were for kids under 12 years of age! Some of the kids were playing stuff that even adults baulk at attempting, and doing it successfully, what's more! The Adjudicator did pass comment that some of the kids probably needed to 'get a life' outside of their (hours of) practice and go and kick a ball - to reach the standard they were at, they would've had to have done a phenomenal amount of work!

We were so proud of our two lads. They were just amazing. Given that they probably (make that, undoubtedly!) don't do as much practice as I'll wager the other kids do, they were just awesome. Both played their pieces the best I've ever heard them play, and were rewarded with some excellent results. In fact, L 'earned' his first ever prizewinnings today (a fact that thrilled L more than the accolade it received)!!! Both boys are looking forward to some retail therapy after the competitions finish for them tomorrow...

One of the best parts of these competitions though, was that the boys had the privilege of sitting next to the NZ Composer who sponsored two of their classes. She told them that she reckoned they played her pieces better than she does, and then autographed their certificates for them. She was just lovely.

And now, I must head for bed. For some reason, the competitions this year were held in a piano showroom, and the kids had the rare privilege of playing on a $100,000 piano! Our kids LOVED playing on it, and wondered if we could possibly get one sometime?!


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