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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Canyoning Tragedy

The rain has stopped!
Over the past few days, this nation has continued to grieve and support the families and all those involved in the Mangatepopo Canyon tragedy (see earlier post: Wed 16 April '08). As the stories have unfolded, the media has been unanimously lavish in its praise for the amazing 'observable community' that has surrounded the families, the school, the Outdoor Pursuit Centre, and even the media themselves! Journalists, TV presenters, politicians, editors etc have all been impacted noticeably - by the way in which those involved in the tragedy have upheld themselves and each other with dignity, and with a faith (that has become a nationwide 'talking point', almost as much as the tragedy itself)! For a country that is (normally) extremely scathing about things Christian, this outpouring of acceptance, understanding and even praise has been nothing short of mindblowing.
A reader of this blogsite so aptly wrote to say:
"Did you see the testimony of the teenage survivor of the Elim college floods? I was impressed by his calm faith, and an unprecedentedly positive media coverage of a Christian community.
Is there hope for what should be Godzone after all?"
(Link to the NZ Herald webpage of the tragedy, if you are interested in reading more)

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