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Monday, April 14, 2008


I am contemplating my toes.
The evening light is coming through the front window. From where I sit on my favorite red chair, I can see trees in blossom outside - magnolia and Japanese plum. It is spring.
I know that I must go on a lot about the weather. So dull. But don't forget, this is the land of cold and snow. We hibernate in the winter. New life truly begins in spring and the darkness ends.
So, why the toes? Well, this is one of the first days, I just realized, that I'm comfortable sitting here with uncovered feet. No fuzzy socks or thick, warm slippers. You know what that means... Sandals are on their way. The toes emerge from their cocoons and must be ready to be seen! I wonder what my favorite toe nail colour will be this year?

Congratulations, Southern Ange, on your return to life! Well done!

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