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Sunday, April 20, 2008

To go, or not to go?

The Big Bear and I were out driving this morning when we spotted this engineer taking a little break while his train was stopped. I couldn't resist taking a picture, and BB even turned around and went back so that I could get a better shot. He's becoming so accomodating when I want to take pictures!
It was quite a beautiful day for photos. The sun was shining, though it was cold. Snow had fallen in the night on the higher elevations and I took a drive up as high as I could to see the view and snap a few.
I am in quite a quandry. Tomorrow is the big 10 km Sun Run downtown and more than 55 000 people are registered for it. Almost all the staff at school are going. However, it's supposed to rain and will be cold again. Not much of a Sun Run. I pulled a muscle in my foot last week and am alittle concerned, even though I'm only planning to walk. Do I want to go all the way downtown first thing in the morning and mill around on the streets with thousands and thousands of people in the cold rain? Sounds tempting, but I really can't say. You'll have to check in tomorrow to see what I end up doing.

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