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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm done!

Over 13,000 words
(more if you count the thousands that got culled!)
and 2 reports later,
and I'm done (like a doggy's breakfast!)....!
Hooooray, yahoooo, and yippeeeee!!!
Well....almost done! My darling hubsky is just trying to remove another 1000 or so extraneous bits of verbiage, and I'm waiting for one more piece of information to come in via email, and then I will be zipping the report into cyberspace and having a day's holiday to celebrate. The kids have also convinced me that after 2 weeks of not having a mother to look after them, they deserve dessert tomorrow night to celebrate The Return of the Mom!
Ahhhh.......sleep (whatever that is) shall be sweet tonight!
And by the way, lest you think I've been wasting time taking photos
when I should've been churning out pearls of wisdom,
these photos were both taken by E
(Honorary Photographer In Lieu)

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