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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Truly Canadian

This is a typical local sight.
We have rail yards in our area, so trains are pretty common. Today, as I drove by, I realized just how Canadian it looked. First, the rail cars are emblazoned with the symbol for Saskatchewan wheat. I take my hat off to those prairie farmers who coax wheat out of the ground and feed the world, but believe me - you wouldn't want to live there. I know people who would swear that the prairies are God's Country. The sun shines in the winter, and there's wide open space as far as you can see. However, temperature extremes are not my thing. 40 degrees below zero in the winter and hot dry summers with no variation in the landscape? No, thank you!
Second, look at the creatures cavorting on the railroad tracks. Do you recognize them?? They're Canada geese! Truly Canadian.
Third... actually this isn't Canadian at all. Do you see the large mountain in the distance? The one all covered in snow? It's actually in the US. But we see it all the time, so I guess that the view is Canadian. The Americans probably see a much different view of it.
There you go. Our corner of Canada in the spring. And just to let you know, today was the first really great spring day. I ache from gardening, it was warm enough for shorts, and the birds sang a gorgeous evening chorus for us. This is my kind of weather!

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Southern Ange said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a lovely Spring day. For your information, we had strong winds and lashing rain....the reversal has begun!!!

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