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Monday, December 1, 2008

Another perfect day in Aotearoa

Yesterday, was another perfect day, weather-wise.
26degs C, those clear blue skies I love, and plenty of sunshine.
We lathered up with layers of sunblock (which seems to do diddlysquat with my family's skin - we still went 3 shades darker than hoped for, but hopefully it would've helped reduce those nasty melanoma things!).

It was the 75th annual Santa Parade down in Auckland city. 250,000 people were expected to line the streets around the CBD, and at my last count, I think they easily got that number.

The good weather helped. People all seemed to be having a great time and were very responsive to the floats and parade participants. It was really nice to be able to walk into town with some friends. We also "communicated" with other friends dotted around the streets, but unfortunately, didn't manage to meet up in person, due to the sheer numbers of people around.

I included this photo, because it is so 'kiwi' - Fred Dagg was a NZ icon who epitomised the "regular Kiwi bloke" ... black shearing singlet, shorts, and gumboots. Those guys are also swinging around some pavlova - NZ's claim to that delicious dessert (disputed by the Ozzies, the Russians, and probably a few other nationalities as well).
And the rugby ball, and buzzy bee are also all recognised NZ icons. In fact, we have some claim to the buzzy bee because K's great-someone-or-other-descendant invented it. Unfortunately, he sold off all his rights to it before it became a famous iconic symbol in NZ....and before his future descendants could cash in on the vast sums of money generated by consumerism. But all the kids born into the family get a buzzy bee...

A lovely day.
Pity about the distinct lack of decent Christmas music and meaningful Christmas floats, but if you think of it as just a nice parade, then it fitted the bill very well!
And it was nice to get roasted with friends...

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