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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Seasonal contrasts

Those snow photos look absolutely gorgeous!
All my life, Christmas songs and cards and wrapping paper and stories have always been about that 'white Christmas'....It was SO cool to see your photos of the snow happening. It felt almost surreal to be looking at those tonight. I thought I should post these pics just to demonstrate the contrast between hemispheres.

Tonight, a bunch of us got together for what is quickly becoming an annual event. The Christmas Drive Through. There are a few such Drive Throughs happening throughout the Christmas season, but this is the one we frequent. People can choose to ride in their own cars, or travel in a more social fashion atop haybales on trucks. We chose the latter. The kids prefer it, and so do we!
A significant benefit of the Drive Through, is the opportunity for actors to be interactive with the audience. Each scene only takes about 5 minutes. The vehicles are directed into separated scene areas, and a part of the Christmas story is enacted. It was very well done. It is really nice to be outside in the fresh air of a warm evening. Another benefit of being on a truck, is that if there is funky music, you can boogie to your heart's delight! I have the feeling we quickly gained the notoriety of being the noisiest, most rambunctious truckload...especially since our party filled up the entire truck!

It was a lovely evening. What a great story, the Christmas story is.
I wonder what things would've looked like with snow though...

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