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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Seasonal Contrasts!

Warning: Slightly gory photo of unfortunate boy. Scroll down at your own risk!
For once in history, Canadians from east to west are united!

We can ALL look out our windows and see varying amounts of snow, after amazing dumps all over the country.
Yesterday was... amazing. It snowed and snowed, and it was the day of the Big Bear family gathering. We had to drive an hour on the freeway to Barb and Larry's house, which for BB, was simple. While other, more timid motorists cancelled everything and stayed home, there we were braving the elements in the truck. I must say, he is a great snow driver, and 4x4 is helpful, too.
It was a lovely time together. After appies, we all went to a local Greek restaurant for dinner and then came back for gifts and dessert. It sure made things easier than cooking for 18 people!

Today is beautiful. We went out shopping this morning, marvelling at the white wonderland all around us. The main streets are all fine to drive on, but many side streets haven't been plowed and the foot of snow is enough to keep many vehicles in their driveways.

Just before we got home, and an hour before our scheduled departure for Paul and Sarah's house for our annual get together, we had a phone call. Little Bear went out tobogganing with his friends and slammed into a tree. Aaaaggghhh!
Apart from a bloody face, which I can handle, his front tooth is hanging. Ugh - one of my worst nightmares! He is now at the dentist for emergency treatment. Poor boy. Too bad Dr. K isn't here to patch up his face.

I guess we won't be leaving at 3:00...

1 comment:

Southern Ange said...

OUCH ! OUCH ! OUCH ! Poor old Lil Bear!!!! We all feel very sore for him….there was an automatic wince from each of us when we saw the damage. A special hug from us all for the injured lad! E&L have made mental notes NOT to go tobogganing (this summer anyway)...

Dr K asked if the dentist managed to save the tooth?

We did however, LOVE the photos of the snow. Impressive! E&L wanted to know if your pool is ready for ice skating upon?

I’m so envious of the White Christmas over yonder. How nice!!! It wouldn’t happen here. A white Christmas is something we only ever dream about or read about….Enjoy it!

And I hope you got to Paul and Sarah's too...

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