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Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's the Great White North!

Wow, you guys have been busy, Southern Ange! It looks like there's been a lot of fun times down there.
This past week was hectic here, too. On Wednesday, we had our first big snowfall. It started just as I arrived at school and continued for most of the day; the children were ecstatic!
The next day was our big Christmas musical. This was the best we've ever done, and I confess that I was quite emotional the first time I watched it. The songs were meaningful and the children did a fabulous job!
Today, Saturday, was my first day off. Yay! Now I can do my Christmas shopping! Big Bear and I went to a cozy party this evening at a cottage by the river. As we left, the next big snowfall, promised all week, began. By the time we arrived home it was thick and sticking to the roads. It looks like we'll be having a white Christmas, especially if the temperatures continue to stay below zero.

Tomorrow we have Big Bear's family party and his mum will be coming home with us to stay for two weeks. I hope she's ready for Christmas chaos!

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