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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve! I know that Down Under, it's Christmas Day, but I just finished my Christmas shopping today, thanks to my very capable and cooperative driver who doesn't let messy streets keep him home!
I can't believe the snow! It just keeps on falling, and I don't remember having had so much! It's in danger of becoming rain, which I don't relish, as the streets will be even messier...
Anyway, I promised a special guest blogger today - my brother, Tim!
I think I deserve another blog entry. It has been almost a year since the last one (see Snowmobiling Tragedy).
I am a police officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I have had some very exciting postings in my career, but lately I am no longer driving a police car, but a desk. Sadly, I feel that the days of policing action and excitement are over. Except for two days ago, when I asked for the chance to fly in a police helicopter to take photos of the city for a project I am leading at work. Since we'd just had about a foot of snow (there's more now), I was looking for the perfect photography opportunity where there is fresh snow on the ground and in the trees, while at the same time the sun is shining through a blue sky. On that day, everything came into alignment and I got my sunny day over a perfectly white landscape. What a beautiful city we live in!

Thanks, Tim! Those are some amazing shots! I particularly like this one of the Lions, the two bumps in the mountain photo on our blog header. I wish you joy as you prepare for/celebrate Christmas today. May true peace reign in your heart, and may you know the Joy of Man's Desiring.
xox Ange of the North

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