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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So. After more than 20 hrs of travel, the lad has arrived at his destination. Long trip! But what a wonderful invention Skype is! And the webcam too. Just great! We got to see the lad's new digs and even check out his pillows and bedding....Looked comfy. I hope the lad didn't make too much noise for his neighbouring hoteliers, chatting to us....since it was well after 1 am over yonder.
Sigh. We miss him.

But I've been well looked after by friends and family. Certainly can't complain!
And E organised a photo competition for his class....endorsed by his teacher, and judged by the Principal and the Art teacher. The class was put into groups of 2's and 3's, and the kids were given 2 periods at school to go and take creative photos.
These were E's two entries:

Not bad, huh ?!

I think he's got his father's ability!

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Ange of the North said...

Wow - what awesome shots! I think E has yet another talent! Is K in the Land of Plenty for the big tapping on the shoulder? Or just another conference? Too bad you couldn't go with him - I hope you have plenty of fun things planned! I was home sick today. Blah.

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