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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Throwing down the gauntlet!

Some photos from Miami.
This was K's first view of the Atlantic Ocean (and our first virtual view from Down Under too)!

These beaches are quite different from what we have here in NZ. We generally don’t tend to have large, multi-storeyed complexes lining the beach….and definitely no helpful attendants to put out deckchairs each morning, ready for the day’s customers!

K described the beach as ‘bland’ in Miami, the landscape being probably more shaped by who happens to be on the beach than the beach itself! I think NZ beaches tend to be a more an unspoilt, natural, and ‘ungroomed’ affair. I like the colourful jellyfish in Miami though!

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets too...

PS. A retort to the comments posted on yesterday's blogpost!
I feel a conspiracy!…..I HAVE slowed down….
so much so, that I have become positively mellow in my old age.
Any slower and I’ll be heading backwards.
[Now how do I confess in the same breath, that I have been asked all day today if I’m OK because people thought I looked ‘exhausted’…..hmmm.
I think that last admission (NOT that you should take it as an admission, mind you!) can be attributed to ‘end-of-year-itis’ and hence
the essential difference!]
Anyway Ange of the North and Dee, my two wonderful friends, here’re my 2 pennies worth - I reckon you guys wouldn’t actually know how to start to take it easy (unlike myself, since I am now an expert in these matters!)…..now there’s a challenge for ya!!! I'm throwing down the gauntlet! :-)


blonDee said...

Consider the challenge taken.hehe
:) No contest really. I'm becoming so layback I'm almost horizontal.Ha ha Now if I can just work on my "stress levels"
Pleased to hear that you are slowing down Ange.Though you are like a Ferrari - even when you drive slowly in those things you still feel like you're flying! Sometimes reading what you've got scheduled for the week leaves ME feeling exhausted so heaven only knows how you get through the week unscathed!
Have a wonderful,Joy filled Christmas. Sorry we can't join the family this year, but we'll be there in Spirit. xx

Southern Ange said...

Thanks Dee! I appreciate your graciousness in comparing me to a Ferrari rather than a Skoda! It's well after midnight and I haven't stopped all day today, so I guess I'm not doing too well in the gauntlet challenge yet...Still got a few things to get done before bed tonight!

Ange of the North said...

Sorry for taking so long to respond to your challenge - I've been lying around doing nothing! Oh, I guess that means I win!

Southern Ange said...

Got to bed at 2am so I guess you DO win. This time.

Must get going again. Late start for school today. What was your diagnosis Ange of the North, and does it mean you might be lying around for a few more days, weeks or ?

Ange of the North said...

The doctor said that I don't have pneumonia or any other horrible disease, and I went back to school today feeling much better. Yay! There's nothing like a few days away to make my students really love me!

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