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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What is Hip?

We did the proud parent thing last night.
All the music students at Little Bear's college performed in a recital, presenting pieces that ranged from Joan Baez and John Mayer to Pink Floyd, Hillsongs United, and all manner of original compositions. Some were downright painful (two in particular), while others were awesome, with everything in between. I had to keep in mind that some of these students were performing on new instruments that they had taken up only in September!

Little Bear sang with two ensembles, accompanied a few other students, and performed What is Hip - an old 70s song by Tower of Power. You can listen to the album version on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9t_rkKetbI&NR=1 His version had no brass, and featured a fabulous female vocalist; it was meant to showcase his base and another guy on electric guitar. Actually, having just watched the original, I preferred last night's version! I think that Little Bear enjoyed the whole thing, and he had every reason to be proud of his performance - his fingers flew! His number was the last one of the evening; a great way to finish.

It was lots of fun. But I think I need a faster lens for shooting in these low-light situations.

What is hip? Little Bear is hip!


Southern Ange said...

He sure is! Well done to Lil Bear...and his proud parents too!!!

Jo said...

Hope you're feeling better today and got some rest so you can read all those fabulous report card comments I wrote when you get back to school!

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