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Friday, December 19, 2008

From the mouth of babes...

OK. So I'm about to scream....what is up with Blogger?? I've tried to upload these photos 5-6 times, and tried to move them around, and lost the lot about 3 times. But I'm not stressed. Really. Forget about the screaming. That's just in my mind. My kids are in bed. It would wake them. Oh look....and now all my ranting has been highlighted and I don't know how to change it! And I'm writing in two tone. Just delightful.

I shall persist. It is called determination (or stupidity, you choose).
Hmm. Font has changed, colour has changed. Stay with me now.

Anyway, I was about to share some deep pearls with you....now what were they?! Never mind.
Today, the boys and I were having a quiet moment with the sandwiches and that sort of thing, when L piped up :
"Mum....you hardly ever take photos any more!"
There was a moment of incredulous silence.... L realised at that moment, that he would never be allowed to live down this statement, and was gracious enough to turn a beautiful shade of pink in acknowledgement of his heinous mistake. I was thereafter spurred on to post this blog to dispel any such wild rumours that may be circulating around.

Here are just a few random snapshots from recent days. Just to prove that I have had my camera around me on some occasions. And to prove that my trigger finger still works.

So this is L the Warrior with his cloak which he made in Art. Don't you love it when your kids come home in the last week of school, loaded with stuff that has previously adorned the hallways and byways of their classroom and school? L was SO proud of his cloak, and he'd done such a wonderful job of it. Now I'm wondering just where I am going to display it in our house, which is somewhat smaller than the school hall....

I love this photo. It was taken of E at his final violin concert last night. The concert was held at a gorgeous home. The audience sat outside on the patio in the beautiful evening, whilst the waterfall played into the pool behind us, and the green native bush surrounded us on the other side. Beyond the established forest, one could glimpse the sea. Inside, all the string students of E's violin teacher performed for us, accompanied by 2 cellists, one a well known NZ musician. This photo is of E at rest, waiting for his turn to perform.

Outside on the patio.

Inside the 'performance area'....aka the Family Room. All night, I wanted to run my bare feet through this soft, luscious-looking rug. At night's end, I did! It was sumptuous!!! Now if only people had the foresight to line concert halls with these sorts of rugs instead of cold, hard, wooden floors....imagine what warm, snuggly music would be produced....

E's turn. He was the final soloist for the evening. After that, all the violinists and the 2 cellists performed a Corelli arrangement for us en masse with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd violin parts, and cello parts. Very nice indeed. Hope the neighbours enjoyed it as much as we did.

The Pampering.... Nice leggies, girls!
It was my first ever time having one of these. I spent a lot of the time feeling very sorry for the lass who had to deal with my feet. I think she finally accepted my apologies.
I had too good a time though. Coffee, massage, friends who specially gave up their work that day just to come and sit with me,
or have their nails done with me so I didn't feel like the only overdressed turkey; help me choose my nail colour, hold my hand (almost!), keep me entertained, and generally add to the overall fun and sense of social solidarity. Oh, and even take my photos for me. True friendship!
I think I could get used to being pampered!

I always feel like the end of the year / the last day of school is such a sad time. So it was really nice that one of the school families opened up their lovely home for us all to zip around after school ended, to eat, chat, and dunk our kids in the spa / pool. Most of the kids in this spa pic are from L's class. Rm 18 Chowder.

I love hearing carols at this time of the year, I love belting out carols (NEVER sit next to me if you know what's good for you!), and I love 'Carols by Candlelight' events. I especially love going with friends. I love the beautiful evenings, the lights, the reminders of Christmas, the festive atmosphere......oh, and did I mention the food?!

Ahhhh. The food!

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