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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Baby, it's cold outside!
The arctic air arrived on Saturday, bringing below zero temperatures and clear skies. Brrrrr! Somehow, the area around the school received a small snowfall the other night, and the children were thrilled to find just enough snow on the ground to slide down the hill. At recess, a bunch of them formed two orderly lines to share the sleds thoughtfully brought by a couple of generous students, and everyone had fun together. Others joyfully "skated" on a long patch of ice. Back and forth, back and forth they all went, with lots of happy tumbles on the ground.
Despite the cold, it was fun to do playground duty today with all the squeals and smiles, and especially with such beautiful weather. The blue sky and sunshine provided a gorgeous backdrop for the newly snowed-on mountains. How many schools have such a view?
On all those grey, rainy days, it's easy to forget what lies behind the clouds. Days like today make living on the coast worthwhile!

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