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Friday, December 19, 2008

Letter to a Friend

Dear Southern Ange,
It is so sad to read about your end-of-year-itis. What a terrible affliction to have! I feel so sorry that your wicked friends inflicted a surprise party on you - and it looks like they even dressed you up! (cute boa...) The thing that breaks my heart the MOST is when you had to go out looking at the Christmas lights. I think the word you used was "balmy". Imagine that: walking up and down a street full of happy people, musicians, and WARM TEMPERATURES! Woe is you...
I have wanted to post some photos of our dump of snow the other day, but haven't been home long enough to do it. (My school computer won't let me. And I'm sure it's wrong to be blogging at work, anyway. Oh, well.) Many schools in the area are closed today because of icy conditions and treacherous roads, but as our big Chrismas musical happens today, we are bravely open. Big Bear drove me to school in his 4x4 - yay!
I hope you have a lovely day today; I think this is the boys' first day of vacation. Make the best of the sunshine (I know you prefer cold and gloom, but push through it, my friend - winter will be there before you know it!).
Wish you were here!
xox Ange of the North

1 comment:

Southern Ange said...

You make me laugh!! I'm so sorry to hear that you've gotta to be at school when it is so cold and treacherous on the roads. The funny thing, is that I was just thinking along similar lines (this morning when I got your text)- that it would be really quite different looking at Christmas lights with snow and a chill in the air. Beautiful but different...The coffee vendors do well either way! Drive safely tonight, and enjoy the big Christmas Production.xo

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