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Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend? What Weekend?

While our American neighbours ate turkey, watched football, and relaxed with friends and family (unless they were wandering the wretched malls) and my friends Down Under enjoyed the summer weather at Santa Claus parades, I have spent my weekend doing two things: I worked at Monika's house (almost ready to sell!!) and I wrote report cards. I even spent six lonely hours yesterday at school. And I've been in my red chair most of today with my laptop, listening to chill music and trying to sum up my darling cherubs in a couple of paragraphs. Many of them are easy to describe (though I need to be precise regarding their progress); I can choose from a multitude of adjectives as I rant about their many virtues and talents. There are a couple, however, who leave me stumped (OK, just one). There must be at least one good thing I could say about the child who disobeys, does little work, scrawls all over his page, shows no self control, and who really doesn't seem to care. Aaaaggghhh!

On the up side, I watched a great sunset about half an hour ago. Very dramatic in its technicolour intensity! Here it is at the tail end. Drat those telephone lines!

1 comment:

Southern Ange said...

Lovely colours in the sunset! Equally impressive that you got to even notice the sunset given your weekend schedule.

Re the child - I think that's the one where you use the line about 'having great potential'...

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