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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Goldilocks and her wee piglets

I am absolutely ASTOUNDED at how much my two wee lads can pack away. And they’re not even teenagers yet!
K is going to have to do something about working harder when they get to that age….just to keep food on our table!
The boys had, had a good breakfast (a sizeable bowl of cereal filled to the brim for E; FIVE pieces of toast for L!).
We had some chocolate brownie for morning tea.
And then the boys went to swim training.
E did 15 laps of the pool in addition to his class, whilst L complained of having a ‘burst heart’ with all the extra laps he did this morning!
We had a second morning tea on our return home. Yoghurt. Banana.
And some chocolate. Just because.
I decided to make some sushi for lunch.
Chilli tuna, egg, cucumber, capsicum, avocado, and carrot.
The boys LOVE sushi. It shows.
Usually with K home, we struggle to finish 40 large sushi.
Today, the boys polished off 40 (like...FORTY!!!) by themselves, with minimal help from me!
AND all the extra egg, carrot, capsicum etc as well…..
Should I be worried????!

And I am further AMAZED by how my boys have rallied around me this week, as if they are somehow aware that they are pulling together to fill the gap left by K being in Miami. It is as if the family unit has had to draw closer together to maintain its strength.

I have been contemplating this interesting observation.
All week, the boys have woken before 6am.
They have turned on the computer, and then dutifully gone about their chores and breakfasting and morning routine, whilst waiting for K’s Skype call to come through at about 6.30am.
They have cheerfully been there for each other; given me lots of hugs, encouragement, and help; and gone about their necessary practices and routines without any grumbling.
They have talked and shared about all manner of things in their day, and we have laughed and told each other how much we miss K.

And it has been so nice to be able to see and chat with K
several times each day.
We are all looking forward to his imminent arrival home.

But I noticed this phenomena most today.
The boys were extraordinarily helpful and gave up their entire Saturday to tidy and clean the house for me. In fact, whilst I was struggling to get out of bed this morning, I overheard them discussing their self-imposed division of jobs, in order to get the house in order for mum, and as a surprise for daddy’s return!
As it turns out, 'twas no idle chat either!
After doing their usual Sat chores and practices (and in amongst the swimming and the eating!), E closed the door to the boys’
bedroom, and declared it a bombsite!
Eventually, at about 5pm, he emerged triumphant – he had TOTALLY revamped their room and it was the most spick and span arrangement I believe I have EVER seen in there!

L and I stood at the doorway and just said, “WOW!”.

E had even tidied all of L’s stuff and had sorted through old toys to give away, throw away, or rearrange.
(A job which had lingered on my 'too hard' pile!).
And whilst E was busy in the bedroom, L had taken apart 95% of his Lego (believe me, there was A LOT of it cluttering our lounge!)
and had sorted it all into various drawers. No mean feat! As he resignedly stated (whilst looking at his mountain of pieces before him),
“I’ve got MILLIONS of pieces of Lego to put away!!!”

Anyway, I just thank God for the wonderful family I have.
I am so grateful for them.

But they DO still eat a LOT !

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