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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing old (un)gracefully

I love my cuddly, touchy, snuggly boys!
I love the way that little L often strokes my hair and plays with it….and I particularly like it when he pulls out any white hair that he may see lurking amongst the black foliage!
For awhile now, I have been threatening to dye my hair -
in an attempt to combat the rapidly multiplying white population.
Tonight, L decided that he was going to go on a White Hair Hunt.
On parting my hair to gain better access to the white hairs percolating so nicely underneath,
he exclaimed, “OH WHOA!!! You’ve got HEAPS of white hairs now, mum!”
Then, he added helpfully, “I think you should probably dye your hair WHITE !”.


Crystal said...

Well, I am absolutely delighted to find you both in blogland!!! I've become a follower of angeofthenorth's ShutterCal pictures - and I know I'm going to love reading this blog. 30+ years ago, my DH spent a month touring Australia and New Zealand and ever since, he's been totally enamored with Down Under. It's definitely on our list of 'must visit' places. And that you are both teachers (I think) is a total bonus :))
I am just delighted about this happy find!

Southern Ange said...

Hi Crystal,

WELCOME to our blog! So nice to find some more fans of Down Under. DU is also known as ‘Godzone’ because there are still many places which are unspoilt and beautiful (much like Canada), and I hope you can come and experience it for yourself one day. I have been on Ange of the North’s Shuttercal site and have enjoyed your photos there. I have a cousin who lives in Calgary so it has been lovely to see photos from around that part of the world. And it is nice to ‘meet’ you virtually on our site!! 

Thanks too for the compliment re our professions - Ange of the North is well and truly immersed in the teaching profession but unfortunately, I can only claim to be, by virtue of being born into a long lineage of teachers! Presently, I find myself filling roles more akin to taxi driver, chef, nurse, administrator, household manager, and domestic goddess….But I appreciated the honour!

Anyway, welcome and feel free to drop us a line any time. Or if you’d like particular photos from NZ which are within my reach, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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