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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!

There's something about the week before Spring Break. Why does it always feel so tortuous? And another question that has been plaguing me: why does Spring Break start in the winter? Tell me that.
Monday started with a snowstorm. Just in time to leave for school. Not a nice way to drive - I felt so grumpy! The children at school were happy to throw snowballs, though, and we only had one parent crash into another in the driveway. By the afternoon, almost all the snow was gone.
Report card pressure cooker. Not only was I trying to write my own, but I also spent two sleepy days editing other people's. Surprising bit of trivia: not all teachers are good writers!!
Beautiful weather replaced the snow. Gorgeous sunset on Tuesday over the Fraser River. Those are log booms floating in the water.
And this morning was cold and frosty, but so lovely. We're breaking some old records for cold this week. Brrrr!
Tomorrow, I "get" to teach my middle school music workshop. Please remind me - why did I volunteer to do this?? After that, the stress will be over! Yay! And then, only one more day before two long weeks of delicious freedom!
Farewell, children! Farewell, early morning commute! Farewell, stress and pressure! Until March 30!


Southern Ange said...

You do these things cos you just can't help yourself say 'no', and cos you will enjoy it, and cos the kids will love it and get a lot outta it, AND because you're good at it! So there.

Loved the photos - they were the sort of photos that you can 'feel'. Shivers in the 1st one, a nice kinda glowy, end of the day feel in the 2nd, and a zingy fresh feel in the 3rd. Thanks!

Is Spring Break going to be a restful holiday for you this time?

Jo said...

Haha....that's funny about not all teachers being good writers. Glad you didn't read mine. Now you got me guessing who they were.

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