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Monday, March 30, 2009

Swamped but sunny

I have spent all morning surrounded, enmeshed, swamped, wallowing, drowning under paper.

Reports, certificates, applications, references, passports, invoices, notifications, lists…

And so on…and so on….and so on.

How do Administrators (and people who do this sort of thing for a job) remain sane??!

At least our glorious weather has continued unabated!

Over a week now of perfect, perfect weather.

I could gloat…

The weekend came and went.

Quick as a blink.

Fri – E's concert. Wonderful.

Sat – Concert in the Town Hall wth some famous violinist. Included music for the Opening Ceremony

Of the Athens Olympics in 2000. Spectacular.

First time I've seen so many percussionists on stage together with a Symphony Orchestra. Exciting.

Sun – L's concert. Fabulous.

And in between – friends to stay, and play!

Mountain biking, eating, shopping, talking, even some sleep.

And glorious weather

All weekend!

1 comment:

Kezwick said...

What a wonderful weekend, you sure know how to pack it in!!
Left you a return comment on my post - thanks for your message x

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