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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Warming the cockles of my heart

We have had a full and busy week this week. Again, but more so than usual. I’m not complaining though - the busyness was punctuated with many wonderful moments which made me smile, and filled the cockles of my heart with warm fuzzy bits. Whilst I didn’t have my camera on hand for many of these moments, here are a few I can share with you.

20090402_Liam's Metals Project_005

L working hard on his excellent project


Getting my hair cut after years of neglect


Seeing the menfolk deal to the dishes!

Music Notes

Flooding the soul with music – concerts, practices, happy whistling, new CD’s,singing, workshops, music everywhere.

20090403_Grandies' 44th Anniv_002 20090403_Grandies' 44th Anniv_003

Smiles, laughter, cute kids (Isn't my newest niece gorgeous?!)

20090404_My Fair Lady_001

Taking my parents to see an outstanding production of

“My Fair Lady”, and celebrating their 40-something years of

being married to each other. What a legacy!



20090404_Pandora package_001


blonDee said...

Lovely photographic memories Ange, but where's the after shot of you with your hair cut mmmm? Wanna see.

Crystal said...

Thank you for posting a personal reply to me, Ange! I well remember those days when my job description matched yours :)) I finished my education degree when our youngest was in junior high so I kind of had 2 phases to my working life. Good times! I'll have to think about picture requests. Two years ago our son's friend spent 6 months cycling around NZ so we got to glimpse many 'roads' and stops.

See you soon.

Southern Ange said...

Blondee...my wonderful 'hairdresser' only trimmed the ends, cos wee L was adamant that he didn't want too much cut off my hair! And my lovely hairdresser didn't want to upset L... :-) So not much point putting a photo on - hair looks just the same!

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