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Friday, March 27, 2009

Time is slipping away.
Spring Break is almost over. And what do I have to show for it?

Hmmm.... Well, last weekend at my scrapbook retreat, I did complete two projects that were hanging around my neck. It was nice to hang out with Barb and to do some digital scrapping with her. And I went through that enormous pile of papers that just wouldn't go away. I went with my mum to see a new Van Gogh movie at the IMAX theatre. And I spent a lovely afternoon with my friend, Karla. I went to lunch with Grace and did some school planning with her. I've also visited Monika a few times. A little bit of ironing got done.

What do I have to NOT show for it? Wasting time on the computer, a bit of reading, the entire first season of Heroes under my belt, sore muscles from sessions with my Wii "trainer". A bit of cleaning, which, although it is initially satisfying, promptly disappears.

I'm still wondering why we start Spring Break in the winter, and why the weather is always miserable (although we did see some sun yesterday!). Questions which will remain unanswered.

The best moment of the break had to be arriving home after being away away, to see Little Joe, who ran out to the car to hug me, announcing, "I'm so glad that you're back - I've been alone with Dad for a whole weekend!" It's so nice to be appreciated!

Three more days till the ratrace begins again!


Southern Ange said...

Lil Joe is such a hoot! Sounds like you've had a nice Spring Break but doesn't it go fast!! Wow. Make the most of the last few moments...

Congrats on getting your Europe scrapbooking finished too...you have finished it haven't you? Do you need to go on another trip so that you can have another scrapbooking project? :-)

Jo said...

Wow, it looks like you got some scrapbooking done! Good for you. Looking forward to seeing it.

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