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Monday, March 9, 2009

Brown things...

There are some things that parents hope they won’t pass onto their offspring.
And there are some things that a parent may hope their children will inherit from the other parent.

It would seem that both my boys have NOT inherited their father’s perfect vision.
And I was so hoping to spare them my terrible visual genes. Guess not.

L has just got his new “FredBare” specs for reading the whiteboard in class.
He’s still awfully CUTE though…and I’m such a sucker for the ol' warm brown eyes.

K has been going and going and going, since rushing home from Camp
to fill an unexpected 72hr shift at work.

When we brought him his dinner last night, he was mulling over a child who is very sick
with a highly unusual worm infestation. (BLERRRRK!)
It is thought, that the kid got this infection from SUCKING A SLUG! (double BLERRRRK!)

E’s solution to his father’s conundrum?
Dad, shouldn’t that kid really be seeing a Vet??!”


blonDee said...

Hey, love the specs Liam(& of course Elliott). We sell the Fredbare range here as well. The sucking the slug thing sounds GROSS & I agree with E a Vet does sound more like the health professional one would see for dat sort of thing.Eeuwwww!

Ange of the North said...

Eeeeeewwwwww! So much for K to mull over!
Both the boys are irresistable and the glasses just make L cuter! (and so grown up...)

Anonymous said...

Glad camp was such a great success, photos are fantastic. Handsome young men, both of them, their good looks from both parents. H will love L's new look. The slug thing, how fantastic, wish I was there so I could hear all the details. SM

Kezwick said...

Hey Ange, the boys look great. I know the feeling,I am a weary glasses wearer from time to time and hope the boys don't need to.
Praying for you guys with all your news, thanking God for his goodness and faithfulness as you wait...thanks for the update xx

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