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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Middle School Camp '09

This year…
I allowed my dad to come to camp,
I thought he would have fun;
I thought it’d do him so much good
To wake before the sun.

I knew he’d love to spend his hours
Just hanging out with me.
I knew he’d love to run and jump
And hassle kids with glee.

My dad, he loves to play
And be a big kid too !
He takes an active interest
In all we say and do.

He’s wise and smart and oh so nice
And he is funny too;
He sets a good example
And joins in with all we do.

It made me feel so good inside
To know he was about;
To know we’d share the chores and jobs
And work the showers out.

The nights were late, the days were long
There was so much to do ...
We swam, we ate, we talked, we played,
The hours, they just flew.

The kids all think my dad’s the best.
They like him cos he’s fun!
They like the way he kids around,
And cares for everyone.

The teachers like my daddy too.
He knows his First Aid well…
He’s Camp Doc, Leader, Helper, Dad,
They think he’s rather swell!

I’m proud to call my dad “My Dad”.
I’m proud when others say -
‘The Camp just would not be the same
If Dad had stayed away’.

1 comment:

blonDee said...

Wow; that's a wonderful tribute from Elliott to his Dad. Thank-you for sharing.

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