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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gallivanting around the Nth Island (pt 7) – “Water!”

I am trying to get through all this gallivanting around….truly!
Are you still hanging in there? Or would you like a change of topic?

Our holiday around the North Island was filled with water and sun.

Rather than giving you a blow by blow account of all the ‘watery’ places we lingered at, I think I will clump it all together under a watery theme.

Today’s photo post is about water.

I love water.

I love LOOKING AT water in all its different shapes and forms and textures and shades of colour.

I love being BY water…

And NEAR the water.

I love LISTENING to water.

I love being ON the water…

My 3 lads are ‘fish’…they really, really love PLAYING IN the water.

But I personally don’t like being IN the water.

Though I do enjoy my shower – a basic necessity…

… and something I don’t think my eldest son will be indulging in for the rest of the week!

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