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Friday, March 13, 2009

Feeling bleu...

I will post the last “Gallivanting” post soon….when I write it. Hopefully before you start putting up your “Gallivanting” posts from Spring Break!

But today was the annual school Swimming Sports….its advent, perhaps signalling the end of summer and the approach of more autumnal pursuits.

It has been a day of blue. Blue water…blue face paint…blue wigs…and an indisputable victory to the BLUE house team. Should I add, by a huge margin?! But that would be blatant skiting…..!

All the kids did so well.
My finger feels like it has done some work today on the stopwatch!
And I am a little hoarse from enjoying the day a little too much. But it has been such a buzz to see what 'styley' swimming my two have developed.
Great results.
Proud parent.
Tired parent.
It has been quite a week.

Some of my fave photos from the day are shared with you -

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