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Sunday, March 1, 2009

1st of March...already?!

As you can see, the rain went as quickly as it arrived yesterday. Today was hot, but a nice day. We enjoyed exploring a part of Auckland that we hadn't explored before...the boys took lots of nice photos so I didn't have to. They each had their own cameras. We looked like tourists. We drank all our water, and ate all our snacks. We hiked everywhere, got hot, and enjoyed tramping our way through the clifftop forests. Naturally, we had to have ice creams afterwards to celebrate the fact that we made it back to base camp (the carpark) alive.

We enjoyed oggling this house which we passed. It is obviously owned by someone very artistic. I'm not sure if you can see much from the photo, but the front door on the second storey doesn't lead anywhere! And there are lots of cool sculptures around the place. I would've liked to have seen the inhabitants of the place, but we could hear a young child having a bad moment so I guess they were lying low inside.

And we wondered also what it would be like to live next door to such creative people! There was a big patch of empty lawn between the arty house and their next door neighbours. And look at the sculpture they 'built' next to their neighbours! We had fun imagining some stuffy people living in that house, hiding from random, bold, sculptures!
Did you ever play that game of "Stack the chairs" ?
A very cool game indeed!

I'm ready to hit the sack now. Getting too old for all this up hill and down dale larking about in the hot, hot sun!

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Kezwick said...

Hi Ange, how wonderful to spend your weekends getting about your beautiful country - good on you, we need to do that - too much home reno stuff taking up our time at present. xx

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