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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Riding the storms

Hey there....we're in the middle of the third ferocious storm to hit NZ since last weekend. At the weekend, the verdict was that this storm has been the worst within the last 30 years. Punishing winds, huge swells, phenomenal amounts of rain. There are some amazing storm photos on the Herald website. We've been fortunate enough to have kept our power on, our roof attached, and our windows intact (though last night, we did wonder if we were going to wake up to find ourselves under a fallen tree or blown half way down the road!). Fortunately, all we've had so far, have been little leaks around the place. I'm grateful for a mostly dry house and a warm, cozy bed

It has been so good to read your posts from your trip to Coalmont and Kelowna, Ange of the North! It jogged my memory that I had said I would post some photos from our trip to Napier. So here are some shots from in between here and there. The weather looked a little different then to today's weather....

We took the back route through the countryside this time, and saw this cute letterbox outside a farm. We had to stop to take a closer look!

There is a little township called "Tirau" which is well known for its fine cafes and artyfarty shops. It is also well known for its distinctive Information centre...

...and its adjacent NZ tourist promotions shop!

Eventually, we did make it to Napier!

Finally for today, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated those who posted helpful feedback in the comments box or via email, re the "Trialling the music clips" post. For those who found that the clips were a little jumpy, the resident IT expert here says that it should run better if you were to click on it a second time, after more of the clip had downloaded onto your computer. We hope the sacrifice of picture and sound quality was acceptable as a trade off for the smaller file size. Anyway, now that we are aware of the possibilities, we will try to post some more video clips in the future. Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions/tips re this.

And now, it is time to head for my warm, snug bed! Hope the roof holds on again tonight....

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