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Friday, July 25, 2008


Wow. It's hard to follow that musical post with anything of substance. So I won't! This post is completely substance-free - kind of.

Tomorrow, our sweet niece, Emily, is marrying her sweetheart, Joel. It's hard to believe that the little baby, born in 1986 when I was an au pair in France, is old enough to get married! I remember waiting on pins and needles to hear that the birth had happened and to find out if Barb had a boy or a girl. When they didn't call me for two days, I was convinced that Barb was dead and that they were too distracted to phone. How excited I was to finally hear about the sweet baby girl who was yet to be named!

The first time I consciously thought that maybe it could be nice to have children, it was as I watched three-year-old Emily pretending to help her mum. Special girl!
Here are Joel and Emily last night at the wedding rehearsal.
So, all of that, plus the fact that this is our first next-generation wedding in the family, makes it pretty special. Monika has been asking for over two weeks if the boys' shirts are ironed yet (they're not!), she got a new outfit, and Big Bear is practicing the pieces he will be playing for the bridesmaids (Ode to Joy, arranged by George Winston) and the processional (Jessica's Theme from The Man from Snowy River). I have also been making preparations, and at the insistence of Lea, will share them with you.

I got the dress.
And the shoes.
I went to a nail shop today and actually got gel nails!!! I'm not sure I like the feeling, but they look quite civilized.

And my toes are in process.

Can't wait!

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Southern Ange said...

Wonderful! Can't wait to see pics of the finished product!! :-)

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