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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Five on Friday

Maybe I should just make this Six on Saturday... Oh, well.

To celebrate my finished course (other than one book review that I still need to do between today and tomorrow) and my return to the world, this is a Five Times Five! In a new font!

  1. Five books read: The Drama of Scripture (Goheen and Bartholomew); Professional Learning Communities at Work (DuFour and Eaker); Caring Enough to Lead (Pellicer); The Lifeworld of Leadership (Sergiovanni); The Gift of the Stranger (Carvill and Smith) – oops, still reading that one for my last book review which should be done by tomorrow!

  2. Five papers written in our house: Movie review (For the Bible Tells me So – a bit of a controversial film!); worldview statement (yes, I did make a mini-book, and it took me all last weekend! Most unrealistic…); the final book review that is now in process; School platform paper; Big Bear’s final project that was just finished today!
  3. The (wretched) time-consuming worldview mini-book

  4. Five dinners I didn’t make: Koenigsberger klops (my mother-in-law's German signature dish); beef, tomato, and peppers on rice; thai coconut chicken; pork chops, rice, and corn (Big Bear's signature dish - Ugh); there has to be one more, as I did as little cooking as possible, but it's all a blur.

  5. Five things that stood out for me in my two week course: The difference between managing and leading; the connection between gratitude and interdependence; language learning in a faith context; the school platform paper I had to write – strategies to approach real issues at school; the leader as someone who inspires and empowers; Struggling through the material often produces real learning and despite how I feel during a course, I usually end up coming through in the end!

  6. Five reasons why today is a great day – it’s sunny; it’s warm; I floated in the pool; I’m through with classes, and finished my oral exam yesterday; Big Bear just emailed off the final assignment for his MEd! Next week, he will present it, and then he's officially done! Woo hoo!

    Big Bear finishes his degree

Now we can clean up the house and deal with the books and papers EVERYWHERE! And life begins again! Happy travels to Steve and Jo, as they leave for their Asian extravaganza!

1 comment:

Jo said...

I can't believe you turned your assignment into a mini album. The prof must have loved it.

We are off tomorrow. Will try to blog most days hopefully.

Hannah emailed yesterday. They are in London..but it has rained a lot. She set up a blog but hasn't posted yet. I have it linked from my blog

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