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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Done like a doggy's breakfast

Well. Today...3 days before term begins again for the boys and me, we FINALLY feel like we're on holidays! It was with great relief that the term ended a week and a half ago, but life continued to be busy (though mostly fun!). Having to cram for a heavier-than-usual performance programme at the piano competitions this time around, meant that the boys haven't had much time for doing the usual holiday-type things. We did manage a trip away to Napier and the boys had lotsa fun reconnecting with their cuzziebros. Will post some photos from that time away at a later stage.

NB: K's gorilla pod being put to good use above!

Anyway, the piano comps ended last night, and the boys both did very well. Both were by far the youngest in their respective classes, with L being quite obviously the 'baby' of the entire competition series. We were tickled pink to note that he still has the 'cuteness factor' !!! Oh well, whatever it takes!

I remain in awe of the young talent that is 'out there' ... sometimes it just isn't THAT obvious that there are SO many amazingly talented kids around, but it blesses my heart to see occasions where such talent can be shared and enjoyed. The music that all the kids made at the competitions was fabulous. Some were playing works that many older musicians can only dream about, and playing it with finesse too! My boys gave me a few sideways looks at times, when some young 'un gave a polished performance of one of a number of pieces I'd played for years (& still hadn't perfected!). Sigh! My fingers are feeling very olde...

We're all feeling very much in need of a day to blob today. The boys have requested a day at home but have magnanimously agreed to forego some of their precious home time, so that we can zip out for some charitable errands! Looking forward to homemade vege soup with crusty buns and some freshly baked choc chip cookies.....maybe!

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