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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catching the breeze

Someone asked if life has settled. I'm still expecting it will slow down once we are over the hump of end-of-term activities, upcoming piano competitions etc. It has been quite a busy week, but lots of fun in many respects. No regrets!

Among all the other fun things we've had on our calendar this week, has been the opportunity to attend an extension science class with L. A very talented lady runs a great mobile school called "Small Poppies" for gifted and talented primary aged kids. She has such a fabulous way of interacting with the children and breaking difficult scientific theories down into simple, understandable concepts. She has lots of practical examples and hands on experiments for the children to emphasise these concepts. L took part in one of her classes last year on 'electrical circuits' and had such a ball. So this year, we were all keen to attend! This year's study was on 'gears, machines, and moving things'.

One of the highlights was learning about hydraulics. The kids learnt how hydraulics could be used to operate different functions in different models.

In addition to shooting air rockets, learning the basic workings of gears, seeing experiments and the workings of pulleys etc, the kids also got to do some craft work. The craft work produced some breeze balls and helicopter-people.....Breeze balls are designed to catch the wind and spin, whilst helicopter-people twirl whilst being propelled downwards by gravity. So much fun!

And today, I found out that I have passed all my assessments! Whew, hooray, and YIPPEE! Thanks to all those who have supported me with encouragement, cajoling, (friendly) threats, bribery, and all means fair and foul! Chocolate worked well too...I'm so relieved to have made it through to the next stage - THANKS so much to everyone for hanging in there with me!!! No more whingeing.....for 3 weeks anyway.

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