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Sunday, August 3, 2008


After the meteorological 'dunking' NZ has had over the last 12 days or so, it seemed appropriate to tell you about a wonderful discovery we've had - "Dunkers"!
Dunkers are double-baked ginger biscuits (like the Kiwi "Gingernuts"), in the shape of a large teaspoon. They come partly covered over the spoon area with a choice of white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate; or fully covered (as shown here) with a mix of dark and white chocolate; or simply plain (uncovered biscuit).
The idea is that you stir your hot cuppa with one of these Dunkers, kinda like you would dunk a cookie into your cuppa tea, coffee, or hot chocolate drink! (Not that you would ever do such an uncouth thing, of course!)
Being double-baked, the cookie doesn't dissolve into soggy lumps into your cuppa quite as easily. And if you choose a chocolate covered version, you get to slurp, suck, and lick the melting chocolate off before you get down to the hard biscuit base.

Need I tell you that mine was DELICIOUS?!

(right down to the very last morsel! And such wonderful study fodder too!)

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