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Friday, July 25, 2008

Trialling the music clips

Hey.....finally, we think we might have a way of putting some small video clips on. We've trialled two sizes here - because of their small size, we do apologise for the lesser picture and sound quality:

1. "Rumba Toccata" (214 KB): E has had a successful run of 1st places in 2008 music competitions, with this piece. And this weekend, he has been invited to perform this piece again at a Grand Finale concert. This video clip was taken in April and was the first time he'd won with this piece. It has since developed with time and is even better now (in my opinion!) .

2. "Lullaby for Matthew" (+/- 2 MB): Again, E had a string of successes with this piece in competitions, gaining a distinction in his exam in 2007, and being invited to play at a Royal Schools of Music (London) High Achievers' Concert. The piece written by a NZ composer, met with glowing accolades last year, many of which described the piece as "haunting" and "evocative". It is certainly one of my favourites. ENJOY!

PS. The repetitive low notes of the left hand represent the tolling of a bell. And apologies for the crashing of a door in the background...late entrance into the concert hall was thereafter prohibited, and offenders were hung, drawn, and quartered in the nicest possible manner!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was amazing. Thanks for posting that, Ange...this is very different from what I used to wake up to on Saturday mornings in Vancouver :)Hope you're all well. Way to go E!

Sonja of the North

Kezwick said...

Hi Ange, very talented boy, thanks for sharing, I couldn't get the first one to work for some reason. Hope you are all doing well, have to email soon. Love to you!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful not to have to rely on compatible DVD/CD players/computers and changing mailing addresses! It worked! First time I tried Lullaby for Matthew it was constantly interrupted by slight pauses (I gave up half way through) - but second, third, fourth.... time it worked well. The Rumba worked well every time! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ange. Great stuff E. Both pieces came through with pauses in between, but that's what you get on 'dial up'. Sound was loud and clear though. Absolutely fabulous 'E'.

Anonymous said...

I remember when E played these pieces a while ago....its been great to see how much improvement he has made...WELL DONE E!! - Janette

Anonymous said...

Hi P’s, Great music E - worked beautifully for us, thanks. Just wanted to take this opportunity to say "GO WALLABIES"!!
Paul & Sharon

(Ed. OK Ozzies – round 1 to you lot. And we won’t even mention the coach…)

Anonymous said...

No problem viewing with broadband, only a little patience.
Just brilliant E, all your hard work shows! And following in Mum's footsteps too, with much reason to be proud parents of such talented and blest children - God's wonderful creations. I look forward to what the future holds for you, after recording your very first public singing performance, you are growing way beyond your years - congratulations and God Bless!

Debbie Cockroft

Smiley Rach :) said...

Hey Ange,

On our broadband, the Toccata worked fine but not Lullaby for Matthew... I was interested in hearing that 2nd piece in particular coz I played it a few years ago!! :)

Rachael (& Warren) :)

Anonymous said...

excellent playing E! the video was a bit fuzzy, but the audio was clear. thanks,

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