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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time on one's hands

Big Bear (MEd!) & Mrs Big Bear,
Contrary to my earlier email, I have decided to dedicate this post to you both...Now that the hard swot is over, I hope you will both find time to do all those wonderful summery, leisure type activities that you've been dreaming about for so long! Live it up! And post the photos to tantalise those of us who have soon to return to routine and keeping the world running! In case you're outta ideas for what to do....here is a suggestion to get you started.

We're not golfers, but on our way outta town, we stopped at Taupo for lunch. Lake Taupo on a clear and sunny winter's day, with the snowy mountains in the background, was just lovely. Our lunch tasted SO much better for it. Anyway, in case you're into golf, only 648 people (at last count) had gotten a hole-in-one at this venue....the lure? Good prizes, and a chance to show off one's golfing prowess to a captive audience of tourists!

Lake Taupo is NZ's largest fresh water lake. It is the same size as Singapore! Lovely clear waters, but a bit too cold for 'tropical swimmers' such as myself...
ENJOY your summer and the break!

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