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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Canadian Lumberjack

Big Bear and I are away on a trip together! We left the boys at home with Monika yesterday afternoon and drove away with the camper loaded onto the truck. This was our last trip with the camper, as the truck is definitely aging. We arrived late last night in Coalmont, about 4 hours away, where my parents have some property. There, the camper will stay – kind of like a rest home for aged… things. And in the future, we will be able to drive up to Coalmont and have a place to stay, without hauling a heavy load.
Coalmont is a funny little hamlet; it was an up and coming coal mining community early in the 1900s, but somehow, everything kind of died. What’s left is a well laid out town full of interesting people: a couple of deadbeats, a few city weekenders, and others who like to live far from civilization.
We woke up this morning to fresh air, bird song, the sound of the river, and peace. Until Bob arrived.
My parents had a rotten spruce tree that needed to be cut down, so the locals recommended Bob. He just happens to be the town drunk, so they suggested he be invited to come first thing in the morning. Before… you know. And Bob flatly declined in advance any payment, except a flat of beer. The neighbours explained that offering to pay Bob with money would be an insult, as people in this community help each other out.
First thing in the morning, Bob arrived on his ATV. He doesn’t have a driver’s license anymore (quite understandably), and goes everywhere on his old quad. He set to work immediately with a chainsaw and wedges.
Unfortunately, the tree was so rotten that it fell the wrong way; it crashed down on the neighbour’s fence and hit the side of Bob’s ATV.
Poor Bob was so mortified at the mishap, that he set to work right away cutting up the tree trunk without a word. Amazingly enough, it turned out that the quad was hardly injured! When Dad went off to buy the beer to “pay” him, Bob hightailed out of there and was nowhere to be found.
Definitely a unique place.
I am posting tonight from Kelowna - we drove up this afternoon to say a final good bye to Tim and Lea's beautiful home before they move back to the coast on Wednesday. We will return to Coalmont tomorrow for a few more days. I won't be able to post from there - we can't even get cell phone coverage!
Big congrats to my friend, E!!!

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