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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Time travel is possible ?!

The University's science-oriented faculties all got together to put on a huge science day, targetted at primary and middle school aged children. It is a massive one day, once a year event and is totally free. Thousands of children arrive to try out, watch, and experience the broad range of science in action. There were hands on activites galore, a whole raft of fascinating speakers speaking about fascinating subjects, and the most wonderful shows. We were there all day with some friends, and only managed to get around a wee fraction of all the wonderful presentations available.
Many times, I wasn't sure if the children or the parents were having the most fun!
I found myself reflecting on the fact that science had never been presented in quite so interesting a way when I was a child.....
My boys (all 3 of them!) especially loved the technology aspects - from smart cars through to designing computer animated games, through to making slime putty from mixing polycarbonates with borax...
...through to crime scene investigation techniques - looking for blood, fingerprinting etc...

...through to watching some incredible shows. This one was a physics extravaganza involving lots of exploding things, lights, noises, and aliens!

The boys watched and heard interesting presentations on Tsunamis, vision, animals....they watched a simulated chew on an exploding Smartie (candy covered chocolate), they saw and learnt about crystal gardens, muscles, bacteria, travel and so on. What a fascinating world we live in! Time travel may be possible (proposed in the formula above (see top left photo) but I think we still have a lot to learn back here on earth!

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